On ebags this bag is $169.99, on ebay from $169 with dubious sellers. Material: Soft leather, insert – foamed polyethylene (foam polyethylen) Weight: 1 ,75 kg Send and UPS clears customs. You can transport at least an ultrabook or a tablet, at least a couple of 15.6" laptops – the place is still decent.

Leather briefcase for business trips from Samsonite

Price: Purpose of purchase: Weight with packaging: 2.54 kg I am satisfied with the purchase, the bag has a very comfortable shoulder strap with a rubberized pad, the snakes are protected by the lid of the bag, the handle is wide and massive. Satchel bag for 1-2 day business trips, when in addition to business papers and a laptop, you carry with you, for example, a book, powerbank, a bottle of water, an umbrella, a toothbrush brush and paste, spare shirt or pullover. Frankly, such things should be bought by touching and feeling, but the price in the Russian Federation often goes for 10-12 thousand rubles. I found this offer in an Amazon search, with the addition of new, 4star values ​​in the filter Snakes with denticles of medium size, to match the briefcase. But at the same time, it is important for you that you, with all this baggage, do not look ridiculous in business negotiations. Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Case is a variant of a pretentious laptop bag, in fact an excellent status briefcase for business https://jiji.ng/nnewi/51-speakers trips. (!) The briefcase is not closed with belt buckles, there are latches hidden under them! Manufacturer: Samsonite, China On Amazone, the official Samsonite store, plus a huge number of reviews that make it possible to evaluate the quality. The URL, login, password and PIN code for the UPS website are sent to the phone number indicated in the delivery. Dimensions: 42×30.5×14 cm – a pocket for back wall with Velcro (40×30) Color: Dark brown Delivery speed is amazing.
Product description: Go to it, fill in the passport details, attach a scan of the first page of the passport and the registration page. And the price is still cheaper than the options offered on the market. Total cost: $153.17 = 5498.80 rubles Delivery: Choice:
Next, declare the goods by entering the name and attaching the invoice (it is in your amazon account), which I saved directly from the site in pdf. – a pocket with a compartment for business cards and fountain pens in it a pocket with a zipper. – the second compartment on the snake 40x30x4
In the process of delivery, the goods are declared at customs, it looks like this. Number of pockets and fittings: The fittings are solid – latches, buckles, belt fasteners, carabiners and "dogs" of snakes – metal, matte bronze colors. You can see the pockets in the photo, but I will list them all, starting from the clasps: The space is comfortable and functional. – the main compartment with a diagonal snake, in it, there are three compartments of A5 format on a stack, the main compartment is 40x30x7cm, the partition behind which is another compartment 40x30x4 cm. The choice of delivery to the Russian Federation, taking into account the size and weight – is not great: UPS Priority Mail (AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping) price $58.18.

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